How We R?


Yahweh's House Of Prayer Eternal is a Messianic Hebrew ministry. We observe the 7th day Sabbath as well as the other Hebrew feast days. This is a denominational ministry where prayer, praise, worship and the word are paramount to our beliefs.

Messianic Hebrews believe that Yahshua is the Hebrew Messiah and spiritual son of Yahweh and that the 'Tanakh' - the Hebrew scriptures which consist of three divisions: the Torah, the Prophets, and the Writings and the New Testament are the authoritative scriptures.

Salvation as Messianic Hebrews is achieved through the acceptance of Yahshua as one's savior, the Hebraic laws of Yahweh and customs (patronage) which are followed - but do not contribute to salvation.

Belief in the messiahship of Yahshua, His power to save, and His divinity are the defining distinctions between the Hebraic laws of Yahweh and the religious beliefs, customs and traditions of Christianity.

We love Yahweh and we also love our Hebrew people. We allow the Holy Spirit to have It's way in our services, and the gifts of the Spirit are invited into our ministry. Our is a healing and deliverance ministry also, and Yahweh gets all of the glory for everyone redeemed. 

We have plans for a facility of worship in the near future. Come to one of our services, you are always welcomed, and you will surely be blessed by the experience. Until then, please continue to pray for us as, as we pray for you.

We will come together twice a week and we currently conduct in-home visits and offer public speaking services. We are very small in numbers, but we are a loving and a growing assemblage.