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FB notified me that I hadn't posted anything on my website in a few days . . . (, and I hadn't. Like everyone else, I was having that occasional interuption that sometimes take priority over things that we may have intended doing.

For over a week now, I have had sewage back up into my apartment. The worst part was having to suck up hundreds of gallons of sewage myself. My landlord is an elderly person, and like others, who either depend on SSI and working a full time job after retirement . . . can not afford the repairs at this time.

I may need to go through several more weeks or months before the problem is fixed because it will cost $5,500.00. I have been a tenant with them because the rent is reasonable (something I could afford) and I have free electricity, cable, ac/heat, and fully furnished comfort that I am grateful to them for.

There are millions of African/Hebrew people that live in worst conditions than what I'm going through and that saddens me. Stop for a minute to help an elderly family member, a relative, a neighbor or stranger.

With your help, I intended to put up a 'Help Fund Me' crowdfunding link on, to provide financial, material, and spiritual assistants to our people.


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