Turning Back the Hands of Time

Donald the Trump
. . . is traveling in an old and dead frontier,
going to unwanted realms where
Hebrew/African people have been before
In dreadful situations we don't need
where we will not live with, any more.

We need not go back anywhere in time,
traveling back only foster racial crime
against people of love and peace
where hate crimes will only increase.

From this place to that place,
Trump traveled with hatred and scorn,
caused incalculable cancerous divisions
among a placid people - about where
the African American president was born.

Building walls of hostility,
not just against alien immigration
but poisoning the relationships
of a harmonious citizenry
born within and outside this nation.

Trump's inflammatory rhetoric against African
Americans, women, the disabled, Muslims,
and Mexicans has brought many brave souls
to fright, and children of all ages
see him as a "Freddy Krueger"
and are having nightmares
throughout any dark night.

With hateful and retaliative speeches,
Trump, emboldened white supremest
and racist
in false and deceptive notions.

But like everything else in America,
it's a dream of fragmented emotions
of reviving a "Great White Hope"
like the one of July 4, 1910
that - World Boxing champion,
Jack Johnson - broke.

America will never be "great"
again . . .
it's mired too much in bloodlust
and sin,
in the genocide of the native
peoples . . .
who legally own this land,
to the slavery and barbarism
of Hebrew/African peoples
whose . . .
slave labor made this country

Trump's actions
give Saint Malcolm X's
phrase and statement
a boost; of "chickens
coming home to roost"

With bigots, racist,
and white supremest
coming out from hiding,
where is the rest of
"White America" siding?

1,100 merchants gave Trump
the support that he sought
in a letter guaranteing him
the oval office,
that the electorate could
and would be bought.

Some states, cities and counties
vehemently denied and restricted
whole minority of peoples
their legal rights to vote.

And those dominions . . .
need to take a serious "note",
that an unwanted
bankrupting encroachment
is coming down the pike (future)
and it's damn for sure an outcome
that white folks won't like.

did the balloting populous
vote concede?
If so, this nation
is going to bleed.

And what of the observations
by an inviolable and violable world?

Trumps' actions made developed
and developing nations tremble,
that his brand of American democracy
is merely a
'white sepulcher symbol'.

I'm 74 years young, still in my prime
will I see an incredulous "race war"
in my time?

I am tired of crying,
when my people are dying;
and helplessly I observe
from the side
but I can and will speak out
you may be sure
without a dought
I stand firm and strong,
with my fist raised in pride
and my anger, I no lonnger hide

I do not want, have no need to,
care not to
get in a bloody fight,
but if forced to,
have need to,
and must travail to survive.

I will fight - with all my might
for my people and me
to . . . stay alive.

Est 8:6 For how can I endure to see the evil (that which causes harm or destruction) that shall come unto my people? or how can I endure (put up with something or somebody unpleasant) to see the destruction of my kindred?

Pro 29:2  When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn.

This is a poem written by a Hebrew/African man, S. Tyree Henderson whose high school english teacher, an Irish Cathlic bastard (Thomas Farrell), made a claimed that black people were incapable of writing any kind of poetic literature as this.

Hands of Time


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