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Laws 6,7 Yahweh’s Laws

Law 6: Yahweh’s Laws   Deu 10:20 Thou shalt REVERENCE Yahweh thy Sovereign; Him shalt thou serve, and to Him shalt thou cleave, and swear by His name. Law 7: Yahweh’s Laws   Deu 6:13  Thou shalt...

Laws 4: Yahweh’s Laws

Thou shalt REVERENCE Yahweh thy Sovereign. Law 4: Yahweh’s Laws Deuteronomy: 6.1-3, 13, 25 Deu 6:1  Now these are the commandments, the statutes, and the judgments, which Yahweh your Sovereign. And it shall be our...

Law 3: Yahweh’s Laws

Thou shalt love Yahweh

Law 3: Yahweh’s Laws

Deu 6:5 And thou shalt love Yahweh thy SOVEREIGN with all thine heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy might.

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