Yahweh's Laws
Yahweh's Laws

Law 10: Yahweh's Book of Laws
Deu 6:6  And these words, which I command thee this day, shall be in thine heart: 

Matthew Henry Commentaries

Means are here prescribed for the maintaining and keeping up of religion in our hearts and houses, that it might not wither and go to decay.

These words which I command thee shall be in thy heart, Deu_6:6. Though the words alone without the things will do us no good, yet we are in danger of losing the things if we neglect the words, by which ordinarily divine light and power are conveyed to the heart.

Yahweh's words must be laid up on our heart, that our thoughts may be daily conversant with them and employed about them, and thereby the whole soul may be brought to abide and act under the influence and impression of them.

This immediately follows upon the law of loving Yahweh with all your heart; for those that do so will lay up His word in their hearts both as an evidence and effect of that love and as a means to preserve and increase it. He that loves Yahweh loves Yahweh's Book of Laws.


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