Yahweh's Laws
Yahweh's Laws

Law 19: Yahweh's Book of Laws
Deu 8:10 When thou hast eaten and art full, then thou shalt bless Yahweh thy Sovereign for the good land which He hath given thee

Deu 8:10 (WEBA) You shall eat and be full, and you shall bless Yahweh your Sovereign for the good land which He has given you.

Matthew Henry Commentaries

Yahweh directs them to the duty of a prosperous condition, Deu_8:10. They are allowed to eat even to fulness, not to surfeiting no excess; but let them always remember their benefactor, the founder of their feast, and never fail to give thanks after meat:

Then thou shalt bless Yahweh thy Sovereign.
1. They must take heed of eating or drinking so much as to indispose themselves for this duty of blessing Yahweh, rather aiming to serve Yahweh therein with so much the more cheerfulness and enlargement.

2. They must not have any fellowship with those that, when they had eaten and were full, blessed false gods, as the Israelites themselves had done in their worship of the golden calf, Exo_32:6.

3. Whatever they had the comfort of Yahweh must have the glory of. As our Saviour has taught us to bless before we eat (Mat_14:19, Mat_14:20), so we are here taught to bless after meat.

That is our Hosannah - Yahweh bless; this is our Hallelujah - Blessed be Yahweh. In every thing we must give thanks. From this law the religious Jews took up a laudable usage of blessing Yahweh, not only at their solemn meals, but upon other occasions; if they drank a cup of wine they lifted up their hands and said, Blessed be He that created the fruit of the vine to make glad the heart. If they did but smell at a flower, they said, Blessed be He that made this flower sweet.

4. When they gave thanks for the fruits of the land they must give thanks for the fruits of the land itself, which was given them by promise. From all our comfortable enjoyments we must take occasion to thank Yahweh for our comfortable settlements; and I know not but we of this nation have as much reason as they had to give thanks for a good land.


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