Mission, Vision, & Core Values

Mission, Vision, & Core Values

Our Core Mission

To inform the peoples called colored or Negros, Black or African/American . . . that their true heritage is of an ancient kingdom of the Hebrew tribes, particulary the tribe, Yudah (Judah), one of the twelve tribes.

To connect the peoples called colored or Negros, black or African/Americans and their communities with a missional Hebrew fellowship.

Our Vision

To reach and involve peoples called colored or Negros, black or African/Americans with their Hebrew heritage.

Our Core Values

The ministry of the Yahweh's House of Prayer Eternal, exists to establish and maintain an Old and New Testament fellowships for the Hebrew masses, in collaboration with a network of like-minded groups, in order to 'reach all pleople' for Yahshua and to train leaders for Yahweh's Kingdom.

Our ministry will be esteemed, based upon our adherence to the following core values:

CARING: Expressing the love of Yahshua in practical ways – to others in our fellowship and in the communities where Yahweh has called us to serve.

COOPERATION: We seek to be a complement to the ministries and services of our Hebrew, Muslim, Jewish and Christian organizations.

This includes, but is not limited to, working alongside our Muslim, Jewish and Christian ministers.

REACHING: Through preaching and advocacy of the gospel, the laws, the prophets and writings – to reach the spiritually disconnected colored or Negros, Black or African/American peoples and help them to connect to a life-sustaining relationship with Yahweh through Yahshua Messiah.

Through outreach – to discover and connect those at home and abroad, with the support of a caring, local fellowship of faith;

Through discipleship – to seek and develop everyone's spiritually-given purpose and talents. This is best done in Yahweh's House of Prayer communities of faith.

DIVERSITY: All People; In the body of Yahshua, there is no preference between race, rank, sex, marital or socio-economic status. Our fellowship should reflect the people and needs of our communities.

TRAINING: We are on a mission of recruiting, training and positioning workers for the Kingdom of Yahweh and His houses around the world. The saints involved with our fellowship will learn to worship, serve and lead – whether in a missionary pastorship overseas or involved in a local Yahweh's House of Prayer.