We believe that our Creator's name is YAHWEH, We believe that His Son and our Saviour's name is YAHSHUA. We believe in calling our Creator by His name and not by a title (lord or god).

We believe that YAHWEH is the only Creator and besides Him there is no other (Deu. 4:39, Mark 12:29,32). We believe that YAHSHUA is the Son of YAHWEH and not the Creator. We believe that the HOLY SPIRIT is the Spirit of YAHWEH. We believe that all three exist but not as one.

We believe you must be Saved, filled with the Holy Spirit, and water Baptised. We believe in keeping the Laws of YAHWEH. We believe that YAHSHUA is our Sacrifice from sin, our High Priest, and our oncoming King. We believe in YAHWEH'S Sabbaths, weekly and annually, and YAHWEH' S Feast Days. We do not celebrate, or acknowledge any man - made days (holidays).

We dont believe in using the titles lord or god when addressing YAHWEH. (See YAHWEH'S Name).

"We Pray That Yahweh Open Up Your Understanding Through the Holy Spirit"!