I had heard and read of the name “Yahweh” many times but it did not associate to any concern or relevance that could be of interest in my life. A childhood friend had given me a small Bible to carry when I traveled and in the reference section it said, “Yahweh” – the name of the Jewish God.

When I was employed as an HomeCare Aide of a 93 year old Jewish man, he had often said to me on my visits for his care, “you know, you people are the real Jews. I shrugged it off like raindrops on the brim of a hat and did not think about again.

In 1988, a friend of mine introduced me to the worship of Yahweh. My friend, Michael, was a die-hard Catholic Laymen and he shocked when he went into a rant about Yahweh, after we had not seen each other in several months. I had visited him in the hospital where he was being treated for a heart attack and because of his condition and behavior, I had assumed he was out of ballance.

I had never seen him so energized. It was more than what he displayed as a Catholic Laymen and that was vehement. After a couple of weeks, I went to his house and was told by his wife, “that he no longer lived there”. She told me where I could find him and I went to look. He wasn’t where she had stated but some people who knew him told me he could be found at the NAACP office. He was there treasurer.

At the NAACP office, his intensity in telling me about Yahweh was overwhelming. We had often talked about religion but not to the degree we were now. His words had srtongly sparked my curiosity. He told me of the place where he worshipped and when I went there that Sunday, it was was closed. When we did see each other, again, I told him the assembly was closed when I visited it. He informed me that it was on the seventh day, Saturday, that was the day of worship.

In the meantime, I did some research on the name, Yahweh. And how I was appalled and shocked at what I had discovered. Everyone who worships in the name ‘God’ (a title) are worshipping a pagan deity. I went to the assembly that following seventh day, Saturday and was convinced that what I’d heard and saw encouraged me to a become a member of the House Of Yahweh, in Abilene, Texas.

On the March 4, 1988, my birth date, I joined and was baptised into the House and family of Yahweh. Since that time, I have been ordained a minister in the family and of Yahweh’s House of Prayer by Elder Michael Mellon in Abilene, Texas and founded an assembly myself, ‘Yahweh’s House of Prayer Eternal’ in Pennsylvania.

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